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M.com Distance Education from Lovely Professional University


M.com or Master of Commerce is a course for students with a B.com degree and who want to pursue a career in industries like finance, insurance, banking, and many more. If you are already doing a job after B.com and you want to rise the managerial ladder in your company or organization then, Lovely Professional University M.com distance education is the perfect choice for you. M.com imparts the skill-set and practical knowledge needed in cut-throat competition industries. Distance education courses are becoming increasingly popular with the advent of the internet and development in technology. Lovely ProfessionalUniversity M.com distance education course is one of the best post-graduations in India.

M.com is a 2-year master’s course divided into 4 semesters where each semester is 5-6 months long. M.com can be pursued as a full-time course, correspondence, or the most popular choice these days in the distance education course.

Distance education is a way of completing your graduation, master’s, or any higher-level education with the minimum level of communication with the university.

Distance education has revolutionized the 100’s of years old method of teaching and studying. With the revolution in technology, now students can enroll in universities in other countries and study while sitting in your home. Lovely Professional University M.com distance education courses are developed after keeping the interests of the students as a priority by staff with years of experience in their respective fields with the motive of providing the same quality of qualification and skill set as any normal post-graduation course.


  • Candidate must have a minimum of 55% aggregate marks in B.com
  • The candidate must have a completed undergraduate degree from a university recognized by the UGC

Specializations offered by Lovely Professional University M.com distance educationcourse-

Specialization is a major subject that is chosen by the student according to his interests. Every M.com has the same core subjects except specialization which is chosen from elective courses.

Below are the various types of specializations:

  • Com (Accounting)
  • Com (Accounting & Finance)
  • Com (Statistics)
  • Com (Banking)
  • Com (Finance)
  • Com (Banking and Finance)
  • Com (Finance & Control)
  • Com (Marketing)
  • Com (E-Commerce)
  • Com (Business Management)
  • Com (Computer Application)

Specializations define your skill set and degree. Students are expected to pursue a career or join a job in the specialization they chose.

Advantages of the Lovely Professional University M.com distance education course.

  • Affordable than normal courses

Distance education courses are way cheaper than any normal course, as they don’t visit the campus, so technically students are only paying for knowledge through lectures and nothing else.

Distance education course students don’t use any facilities offered by the university. Which saves money for the university and thus lowers the fees of the students.

  • Saves time

 One of the biggest benefits of Lovely Professional University M.com distance education is that it saves students a lot of time, which we all know students need the most. In normal college, there are a lot of distractions and activities which consume a lot of time.

3)You can pursue a job along with studies

Distance learning is a boon for students who want to pursue a job with their studies. Most students who enroll in these courses are pursuing a job.

Lovely Professional University M.com distance education course offers a vast variety of careers, such as banking, accounting, finance, business, marketing, and many more. M.com provides a skill set that can be used in all industries.

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