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Cqp: obtain your certificate of professional qualification with afpma


A CQP, or Professional Qualification Certificate , is a certification allowing recognition of the skills acquired in a professional branch and attesting to the mastery of a specific trade. Get yours with AFPMA!


A CQP is accessible to students wishing to complete their training, to job seekers but also to employees who want to develop their skills. Vocational Qualification Certificates are developed for each professional branch in order to meet the specific needs of each profession.

It is possible to obtain a diploma in two ways: through training or via a VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience). As part of the training in a school or a specialized organization, a period of professionalization is required. VAE consists in justifying skills acquired with professional experience by demonstrating them through tests.

The CQP is not a diploma issued by the State, and they are not all recognized by the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP). They are recognized in the collective agreement of their respective professional branch.


At the AFPMA training center, various certifications and diplomas are made available to students and trainees. In fact, we offer 285 work-study and continuing education courses to more than 4,000 learners per year. Also, it is important to note that the degree success rate is 91%, which is excellent. 90% of our young graduates find a job within 6 months.

Our training center was created by and for industrial companies. Thus, we are specialized in industrial technologies, human resources and management. Our ambition is to install skills in the region and to develop them, as well as to support and advise businesses.

The CQP is also called the Parity Qualification Certificate. At the AFPMA center, we offer in particular CQPMs, ie “Joint Qualification Certificates for Metallurgy”. These certificates cover 20 fields of activity and more than 180 qualifications. These training courses allow you to access a job or simply

develop your know-how and skills in a current position, allowing for professional development.



AFPMA (the Pôle de Formation des Industries Technologiques de l’Ain) was created in 1961 directly by the industrial companies themselves, who wanted to train the future employees they needed. AFPMA has therefore become a training and consulting center specializing in industrial technologies, management and human resources. AFPMA contributes to the development of the skills of young people, employees and job seekers, at the service of companies, but also to activity, particularly in the Ain region.

Since its creation, it has endeavored to offer a global training and consulting service associated with the needs of the technological industries of Ain and neighboring departments and therefore with employability in the region. In addition, if you want to participate in the AFPMA adventure, and pass your skills on to students, by motivating them to learn a new profession, we are recruiting. Discover all our offers on our site.

AFPMA training center training

AFPMA offers both training, so trades represent the craft sector, as well as trades highly sought after by companies, in particular in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes basin. All of them constitute a real hiring opportunity after certification. The qualifying training courses are as follows:

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