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5 Easy Ways To Learn To Speak French


French is one such language known for its elegance, especially because of the way it sounds. However, many people find it difficult to master the language because of its grammatical complexities and spelling. So, here we have come up with 5 simple steps that will allow you to master the language and Learn French In Hong Kong even if you are on a really busy schedule:

Start By Learning French Sounds: Most French alphabets have the same letters as English. Also, 80% of the English words have a French origin. However, there are certain exceptions as well. You must try to know how the French letters are pronounced differently from the English ones. There are also 23 consonants and 16 vowel sounds in French. You should familiarize yourself with the French alphabet and know the sound of each of the letters. This is going to make French easy for you.

Start Speaking French: You might feel uncomfortable at first. However, it would help if you got used to speaking in French. This is going to help you build your confidence level. There are numerous ways to improve your speaking skill. You can try hiring a French tutor and regularly speak to them in French. You can also find someone of French origin and communicate with them. Another way of speaking French is to find a language exchange and become friends with a language exchange partner.

Start Reading In French: It is quite impossible to master a language without knowing its literature. Although you cannot handle masterpieces of French initially, it shouldn’t mean that you should avoid reading in French. Altogether, being a beginner, you should start small and go for easy-to-understand books. You can also ask for tips from a French expert regarding which book would suit you. Another great way is to look for a book whose plot you already know. This is going to make the learning process easy for you.

Pay Attention To Audio: It is also quite important to listen in French. Reading is a very fun and convenient way to learn French, but it will not help you understand a person speaking in French. Always try to listen to the language in detail. You can also listen to French songs and podcasts. You may also go for audio books. You will find numerous videos in French on YouTube as well. This is going to ease out the learning process for you.

Watch Movies In French: Another exciting way to learn French is movies. If you love watching movies in your free time, try watching them in French. This activity will help you to understand the language better. You will also get a grip on French culture. The benefit of watching French movies is that they will stimulate your brain to start thinking in French.

So, join our French Class Hong Kong today and master the language in the best possible way.

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