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How To Be A Great Online Tutor


tutors consider this practice a lifestyle and less of an occupation. As an online tutor, you take a few hours of tutoring online, and through this, you learn new things. Before you go into this You might be a student or a teacher who offers to tutor online to various students.

Most online particular practice, make sure you have done all the research you need to acquire the techniques needed to teach online since online tutoring is a new model of teaching that parents and students are still trying to wrap their hands around. You can visit for more ideas on how to tutor students online!

Things to consider as an online tutor;

1. Establish restrictions and pursue them

An excellent online environment can procure flexibility, and it is a great platform for you to set rules to avoid distractions.  Come up with your own safe space for teaching your students, and always make sure you are there for your students at all times and on time. For online tutoring, you and your student need to be on the same page, which can be achieved through communication. Your student tells you what they need, and you inform them about what you need from them.

Online class tutoring is different from physical c

2.Trial improvement

lasses. In virtual classes, you need to find a way you will trail your students, and the best way is through projects, assessments and homework. When you do this, you get a chance to motivate yourself with your students. You also get a chance to know if your student understands what you are teaching or not.

3.Be proactive

Online tutoring is built on dynamics and strategy; develop modules that will benefit your students. You are also required to schedule your activities and divide the topics into small pieces of information.

4.Provide safety

As a tutor you must provide a safe space for your students. To achieve this you will need to communicate with your students and make them know what is required from them before you start your classes.

Tips for tutoring maths online

1. Have the right resources

As an online maths tutor, you need to make sure you have the right resources for your class; these resources are such as exam papers, figures and diagrams. The good thing about online tutoring is that once you have used the resources for the required class, you don’t need to use them again.

2. Allow students to write solutions in their way

Once you have taught your students, give them a chance to write their notes on how they’ve understood it. This will make it easier for revision purposes because they are using information that is easy to understand to them. You could also make your students use diagrams and charts while writing their notes.


Being a tutor is a demanding job and is also easy. All you need to consider is the information you need to deliver to your students. Make sure you plan for your online tutoring classes before the class to make it easier for you to teach.

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