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Things You Need to Know While Looking for Student Accommodation in the UK


For many aspiring students, the United Kingdom has traditionally been an attractive study location. Finding student housing can be more difficult than usual due to the city’s massive student population of around 400,000 students, as well as the fact that it is one of the most opulent and expensive cities in the world. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of helpful hints for finding ideal student housing in the UK.

 The early bird catches the worm

While students who want to apply for university housing must do so by the application deadline, those who prefer private student housing in the UK should apply as soon as they know which university they will be attending or at least 1-2 months before their arrival date.


The cost of living in the UK varies greatly depending on where you stay. Student accommodation Glasgow and other locations like these have a very efficient housing system. The accommodation costs are divided into four zones: 1, 2, 3, and 4. The closer you stay to the city centre, the more expensive it will be. As a result, you should conduct some research to see what you can receive for your money. Limit your search to a few areas and plan a budget appropriately. Consider the following:

1.                  Distance from your university

2.                  Cost of travel

3.                  Available amenities

4.                  Connectivity

5.                  How safe the area is

 Find out the best option

Research the many types of student housing before you arrive in your desired city for higher study. The University halls of residence, private rentals, and private student housing are the three types of accommodations available in most cities. The university halls of residence are the most popular, and you must apply by the deadline on the university’s website.

Students can also choose private student housing, which includes well-maintained, cost-effective apartments ranging from studios and ensuites to shared bedrooms. The majority of these are extremely safe and conveniently positioned near major institutions for students’ comfort.

On the other hand, some students who can afford it and want to live alone prefer private rentals, which entail renting an entire home. The disadvantage in this situation could be dealing with the property’s cleanliness and maintenance on one’s own without much assistance.

 Extract every penny

Always double-check and explain what is included in the price of lodging. Will the rent cover utility costs (electricity, gas, water), laundry service, kitchen equipment, bedding, internet connection, and so on, so you have a better sense of what you’re getting into.


Finding a place to stay in a new city, especially if it’s your first visit, can be difficult. Don’t be concerned! You can seek assistance from your university’s housing office or privately-owned student housing providers. Student accommodation Coventry or in London can be tricky but certainly doable. To summarise, these are the most important considerations to make when looking for student housing in the United Kingdom. Of course, there would be other factors to consider, which would differ from person to person. So, narrow down your requirements and start looking immediately!

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