perfect tutor for your child

How do you find the perfect tutor for your child?


As a parent, surely you want to provide everything that is best for your child – especially when it comes to their education. This is probably the reason that prompted you to use the services of a private tutor. Indeed, home lessons now represent an option that should in no way be neglected. However, finding the best tutor who can effectively meet a student’s specific needs is sometimes a tedious job. Thus, to facilitate your research and support you in this process, Clevermate advises you to follow these few steps.

Before embarking on the quest for the perfect school coach, start by carefully examining your child’s strengths and weaknesses in school. Review its educational manuals to determine areas where additional support would be beneficial. It can just as much be a matter of science as of literature. You can also chat with his teachers – they usually know his performance better in the classroom and can therefore provide you with invaluable information. You will thus be able to know if your child simply needs help with homework or completely needs refresher training.

In addition, you should also talk about it with your child so that you can gauge the commitment and attitude that they are likely to show during the sessions. Likewise, ask them for a program that is right for them – in a small group or one-on-one. If you choose group sessions, determine the maximum number of students per class. Also pay attention to the working environment. When it comes to pricing, keep in mind that one-on-one tutoring can be more expensive than group sessions. Likewise, private lessons at home can be more expensive than going to a center.

Likewise, you need to assess your child’s actual level of training in a subject. To do this, you can consider the following three classifications.

* Beginner level – A revision of the basics is required; that is, the pupil must relearn the fundamental concepts. There are many private teachers who offer this service. Therefore, it would probably be easier for you to find one.
* The intermediate level – The key ideas are mastered. It therefore remains to improve knowledge or consolidate what has been learned.
* The advanced or expert level – This level is aimed at the most efficient. Since they already have the skills to be successful in the classroom, private tutoring professionals like Clevermate may suggest that they get ahead of their current curriculum. They can also prepare for the official exams (patent, bac, competitive examination, etc.) or their entry into university and Grandes Écoles. These higher establishments are indeed more and more selective.

Then establish your criteria

When it comes to private lessons, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Indeed, the selection of the best teacher strongly depends on the personal needs of your child, your location, convenience, schedule and of course cost. This is why you must first make a list of your requirements. However, always keep in mind that the pricing system can vary considerably. Indeed, certain factors may affect the amount of course fees. The most qualified and expensive private tutors are usually teachers with extensive training. Likewise, they can rely on proven experience in a specific field. So, they could charge a lot more than a typical tutor.

Either way, put all of these details in your ad and start sharing your research through posters or newspapers. If you choose this route, don’t forget to include your contact details and the words “URGENT” to ensure that you find a tutor as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the Internet is the best tool to simplify all the procedures. And for good reason, platforms like Clevermate are multiplying and provide you with in two or three clicks a list of private tutors who can potentially suit you. In addition, the search results are personalized according to your selection criteria.

In addition, tutoring is an integral part of various educational projects free of charge. The associations notably offer programs that have been designed for prevention or intervention with students at risk of school failure. They are taught by professional or paraprofessional teachers. Likewise, you can opt for MOOC courses, a free online device that connects students from all over the world. Adults can also benefit from service exchange sites or pro bono courses.

Finally select your private tutor

Flexibility must be an integral part of mentoring systems. This concept has become increasingly demanded at this time when time constraints such as family routines, extracurricular activities, work schedules and outside commitments affect everyone’s ability to define the ideal time to devote to private lessons. . That’s why during the selection process, you need to know if the school coach you choose can fit your schedule and that of your child. It is always a good idea to clear this up before moving on to the first session. This is another important factor that you should take into account when making your selection.

If you’re willing to make concessions, go for the weekends – since many home teacher students are overwhelmed on weekdays. You can also opt for evening classes where tutors are more likely to be free. If not, turn to institutions that give you more choices about when, where, how and how your child will access learning. In addition, these institutions usually personalize the teaching process.

Indeed, tutors must be able to adapt to each student with whom they work. In the absence of a universal formula, the educational approach strongly depends on the individual needs of the child and the particular difficulties he encounters. In other words, every experience should be as unique as the person using it. Throughout the sessions, the tutor will therefore have to monitor the learner’s progress and determine whether it is necessary to modify the work methodology he employs if it does not work.

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